Give a Gift this Christmas

Hazells want to give a gift this Christmas and we need your help! πŸŽ„

We are supporting our local charity, The Bury Drop In during this festive period. The Bury Drop In is an incredible charity that supports homeless and vulnerably housed people in and around our area.

Click to link to see our appeal:

With over 100 registered guests, Hazells really want to give back to our community this year and we know by donating this will make a huge impact. Hazells will match any donation you give this Christmas, and we know this will make a huge difference.

If you scan the QR code

or use the link below it will take you directly to the donation page. If you COMMENT HAZELLS we will MATCH your donation.…/bury-looking…/donate

Thank you for making an impact in our community this Christmas.

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