Case Studies

Please view some of our case studies to find out more about our work.

Attleborough, Norfolk – 18 acres sold in tranches

Hazells acted for a landowner and sold a site unconditionally to a regional house builder of approximately three acres for residential use. Simultaneously Hazells formed a consortium of adjoining landowners and granted the same house builder a conditional Option for the planning promotion of an additional 15 acres, including land subject to a ransom strip. The final phase of 9.1 acres was granted planning consent for 91 dwellings and was sold to Places for People Homes Ltd in January 2022.

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Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk – 50 acres resolution for consent for 500 dwellings

Acting for the landowner Hazells negotiated the terms of a disposal of land to national house builders Taylor Wimpey following planning consent for 500 dwellings. Negotiations included strategic infrastructure considerations, liaising with multiple agencies/adjoining landowners and agreement on land disposal value. The site obtained unconditional planning consent in autumn 2016 for a hybrid applicatio. Builders are currently on site and it is understood that houses are selling well in the first and second phases of development. Download a copy of the Master Plan for further information.

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Abbotsvale, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk – 175 acres with consent obtained for 1,250 dwellings

Hazells commenced work on this site in the late 1990s bringing together multiple landowners into a consortium agreement and subsequently negotiating the terms of an Option to regional house builders for an initial 90 acres. This was a long term strategic greenfield site where the housebuilder was required to spend many years promoting the site within the planning policy framework of the local authority. Eventually the site formed one of five development sites for the town adopted under Bury St Edmunds Vision 2031 in 2014. The Master Plan was formally approved in September 2015 and resolution to grant consent was granted in late 2016. Following extended negotiations between housebuilder and local authority, an acceptable planning consent was confirmed by the housebuilder in early 2020. Negotiations for the sale price were concluded in late 2021 and the sale completed in January 2022. Download a copy of the Master Plan for further information.

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Stowupland, Suffolk – 26 acres greenfield site on edge of village

Hazells acting for two landowners negotiated terms for the planning promotion of the site with national planning promoters. An initial application for 190 dwellings was made for the site and subsequently refused by the local authority. A revised application for 175 dwellings and sympathetic detailing around a nearby listed property was re-submitted as part of an Appeal process. The Appeal was upheld and Hazells then proceeded to sell the site on the open market to the highest bidder with completion taking place in Q2 2017. Download a copy of the public consultation papers for further information.

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Stowupland, Suffolk – 14 acres

Acting for a single landowner, Hazells have negotiate terms for the granting of a Promotion Agreement with a national firm of Planning Promoters. In 2019 an application for up to 70 dwellings was submitted and consent refused. A revised planning application has been submitted in April 2020 with a slightly increased number of dwellings. Once an acceptable planning permission is obtained then Hazells will sell the land on the open market. Download a copy of the public consultation papers for further information.

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Stanton, Suffolk – 1 acre, former industrial site

Acting for a single landowner Hazells negotiated the conditional exchange of contracts of a former industrial site comprising approximately one acre, subject to obtaining planning consent for a hybrid scheme to develop a local convenience store and six residentail building plots. Completion is awaited once planning permission is confirmed as acceptable to the buyer. Download a copy of the site plan for further information.

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Kirby Cross, Essex – 12 acres access sale

Hazells acted on behalf of a homeowner who had been approached by developers seeking to acquire their bungalow in order to provide access to their proposed residential development site situated to the rear of the property. Hazells negotiated terms for a conditional contract on behalf of the homeowner who shared substantially in the rewards of providing access. Download a copy of the site plan for further information.

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Rougham Hill, Bury St Edmunds  – 250 acres

Acting for the landowner, Hazells made initial representations to West Suffolk Council to include this site as a major strategic growth area for the town. The site has been included within the first phase of West Suffolk Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA). The land will continue to be promoted by Hazells who will seek to work with Promoters and/or housebuilders to bring forward this important development site for the future of the town. Download a copy of the SHELAA plan, the site is No. WS039.

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