Not So Smart – 4 Million Faulty Smart Meters

The regulator, Ofgem, is being held accountable after 4 million smart meters across the UK were reported to not work property.

The problem is said to have arisen from the consequence of new energy suppliers not fully integrating the variety of smart meters that have been installed. There is not one universal standard when it comes to smart meters. So, some smaller meters might have been missed.

Customers claim that large bills they received were the result of malfunctioning metres. Customers have complained that energy companies take huge payments from them quickly but are reluctant to repay overpayments, which has left some of them in debt.

How to Check if Your Meter is Working

You can check to see if your smart meter is working on your online account, paper statement or app. If your smart meter is working, it will be marked as smart. However, if they are marked as estimates, then there is likely to be an issue and you should contact your supplier immediately.

In the meantime, you can manually submit meter readings to ensure that your bills are accurate.

Customers can file complaints with their supplier if they are unhappy with the way this is being handled, and if the problem is not fixed to their satisfaction, they can raise it with the Ombudsman.