Share Codes and the Home Office

At Hazells we were recently in receipt of an application for a rental property from a Ukrainian family living in the UK with a local family under the Ukraine Family Scheme. The referencing process was being held up due to a lack of Share Code for one of the family members. This was required to prove residency and allow compliance with the Right to Rent legislation.

Hazells were able to support the application by completing a form found on the website page entitled “Check Tenant Right to Rent”

Part way through completing the form on-line the telephone number of the UK Visa and Immigration Service was given (0300 790 6268). On phoning this we were able to speak with an extremely helpful member of the Home Office team who gave further guidance on using the View and Prove process.

As a result a Share Code was issued overnight and we were then able to complete the tenancy application process so that the Ukrainian family could move into their new home quickly.

This was a highly successful and rapid conclusion to what was otherwise becoming a lengthy and drawn-out process. It was due largely to the excellent advice given by the Home Office help desk.


8th June 2022