Recent Changes to Legislation

From 31 May 2022, all estate agent websites and property portals have been required to state extra ‘material information’ on their UK residential property listings. These changes are in line with new guidance set by National Trading Standards, who want to increase clarity for consumers on the properties they’re looking to buy or rent.

For rental properties the Part A material information includes:

  1. Price – rent (£)
  2. Deposit (£)
  3. Council tax band (England, Wales and Scotland)

Hazells have been including this information in all residential rental property listings for many years now so we are confident that we are complying with the new National Trading Standards requirements.

Further material information requirements (Parts B and C) will be introduced in the months to come but at this stage no details are available.

We will continue to monitor and act as required when Parts B and C are announced.


9th June 2022