Energy Saving Tips & Tricks

The rise in energy prices is big news now, and as a result many are understandably concerned about the potential for increased bills around the corner. Whilst we at Hazells cannot do anything to reduce the cost of the energy you do use, we have compiled the below list of tips and tricks which may just help you to reduce the amount of energy you get through, not only reducing the impact of those price increases on the monthly budget, but also helping to save the environment too.

Switch off devices on Standby Mode

Many modern appliances use energy whilst in standby mode (TVs, microwaves, games consoles, DVD players, computers and their monitors, dishwashers, dryers and washing machines to name a few). It is estimated that if you were to switch these off at the plug rather than leaving them in standby you could save between £40 – £80 per year!

Use energy efficient lightbulbs

Yes, its obvious, and yes most lightbulbs on sale nowadays are energy efficient, however check that you don’t have some old non efficient lightbulbs around the house, these can use £18 worth of energy per bulb per year, than their more efficient counterparts.

Drop a degree

If you can bear it, turning your thermostat down just 1 degree could save you up to £75.00 per year! Jumpers at the ready.

Efficient clothes washing

Don’t wash your clothes! Well, do, but make sure it’s always a full load. That way your washing machine is only on when it needs to be, and you will do less washes per year. Also, by doing your laundry at 30 degrees instead of 40 degrees can work out 1/3 cheaper, saving around £52 a year.

Lights out

Simple but effective – turn your lights off in the rooms you are not using, and you could save an additional £14 per year.

Bath time….

….is better if its shower time, as they are far more efficient, and you will save more energy by showering instead of bathing. Ditching just one bath a week in favour of a shower can save £7 a year. If you shower already, then don’t worry, you can still save by keeping the time spent in the shower under 4 minutes, that could save a typical household £45 a year.


As with your washing machine, only run this if it is full, as by reducing the amount you use it by just one cycle a week can save £10 per year.

Whilst on their own the savings above don’t look earth shattering, when you add them up it all starts to make sense. If you were to do everything listed above you would be on your way to saving nearly £300 per year, which in our opinion is well worth it!

As always, if you would like specific advice on any aspect of lettings please do contact either Chris or Andrew on 01284 702 626