Eviction Notices – A return to normal?

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the notice periods for landlords who wish to regain possession of their property have been changing regularly. There have been so many changes in fact that we have written no less than four articles on the subject previously:





This is all about to change, as from the 1st October 2021 all notice periods will return to their pre-covid lengths.

This means that a landlord can then serve a Section 21 notice tenant who is either coming up to the expiry of or is no longer in a fixed term two months’ notice to vacate, and if a tenant is in arrears of more than two months then a Section 8 notice can be served in order to ask them to pay the arrears or vacate within 14 days.

Whilst this change will not impact many, it will come as a welcome relief for some landlords. Those with tenants who are in arrears and not taking the correct steps to tackle these, or those who have been financially impacted themselves as a result of the pandemic and need their property back as a result.

The government is however seeking to retain power to implement similar measures again should the public heath situation worsen and further protection for tenants is deemed necessary. Legislation is currently being tabled to give the ability for the UK Government to reapply longer notice periods up until to 22nd March 2022.

As ever, should anything change, we will keep you updated.

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