Green Homes Grant – UPDATE

Following our previous article on the subject:

We are pleased to see that the Government have extended the Green Homes Grant by a year from the original end date of March 2021 to March 2022.

There are some reports of issues with administration of the scheme and the time taken for vouchers to be issued and this along with delays caused by Covid-19 may be part of the reason for the extension.

The scheme itself is open to landlords as well as regular homeowners and offers up to £5,000.00 towards the cost of energy saving measures such as insulation. The funds are offered as vouchers which can be redeemed with accredited installers, for up to two thirds of the total cost of the works.

Full details are available from the official website here –

It may well be something worth looking into if your rental property needs an energy efficiency upgrade, especially considering the current drive to improve the EPC rating of rental stock to assist with overall energy efficiency targets. 

As always, for further details or specific advice please do contact us and we would be pleased to assist.