Evictions in Tiered Restrictions

Following Boris’ recent announcement about a second lockdown in England, and his previous announcement on the 12th October 2020 which introduced the three-tier system in England, it has been announced that once the second lockdown is over Bailiffs will still not attend to enforce a possession order if the property is in an area which is under tier two or tier three restrictions.

It has also been stated that evictions will not be going ahead in any areas on the run up to Christmas, although a definitive timeline for this has not yet been put into place. Many are suggesting that it is unlikely any evictions will be taking place in 2020 unless in the most serious of circumstances.

Whilst the intentions here are clearly good, as it would not be fair to increase any risk of homelessness or other hardship in the midst of a pandemic, there are going to be landlords who are frustrated by this news, landlords who are desperate to gain possession of their property for a number of reasons and can’t as a result.

With this news further extending the time that it would take to remove a defaulting tenant from a property, it again is very clear that anyone who is entering into a new tenancy at this time needs to be very confident that their tenant has the means to pay the rent.

At Hazells we have a through and comprehensive referencing process in place, this is carried out in house and not sent to an external agency. The benefit of this is we can pick up on things that a referencing company would not, and this can be invaluable, especially in uncertain times like these.

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