Green Homes Grant

A recent announcement by the Chancellor has caught our attention, as it may well be of benefit to our landlord clients as well as owner occupiers across the country. As part of the Green Homes Grant, the government have put aside a pot of £2 Billion to provide vouchers for energy efficiency upgrades up to the value of £5000.00 per home in some cases.

There hasn’t yet been released a full list of what is to be covered, but it is likely to include loft, wall and floor insulation and possibly double glazing. The grant may also cover new boilers, but if this is the case it would likely only cover highly efficient electric boilers and not gas-powered ones.

What has been made clear is that landlords will be eligible for the vouchers for improvement to their rental properties and that the vouchers can be applied for from September and in most cases will cover up to two thirds of the cost of energy improvements.

We will keep you updated once more details of the scheme emerge!