Your Tales of Lockdown

From the 4th July 2020 (now no longer Independence Day but Out Of Lockdown Day), lockdown for many of us appears to be lifting to becoming more normal for most of us. However, we are unlikely be back to ‘normal’ for some while yet.

The last few months have been challenging and strange for us all I am sure. We all have a tale of some sort to tell about how the experience has affected us personally – and those around us.

So for me –

Living on my own brought up its own challenges, particularly as I have been working from home.  This was a mixture of embracing spending time at home,  the glorious weather we have been so fortunate to have, spending time with my dog (see the picture!), more flexible working conditions, catching up on chores, making my garden my new favourite place, listening to bird song and enjoying all the things I have taken for granted, getting to know my neighbours – at a distance, taking time to talk to people….. against the feeling of isolation, sometimes loneliness , some dark moments wondering what was happening to our world and what will be on ‘the other side’.

We would like to start a bit of a conversation and would like to ask how did you or are you finding life in lockdown?   Some ideas to help you start:

Anything you felt was positive or good?  – So, so many things for me!

Did you put weight on or start a new fitness regime? – Running my empty bottles to the bottle bankI’ve never been fitter!

Did you embrace social media – catching up with old friend on WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, Zoom…? – Not really any different….

Have you been gardening and decorating like a maniac – Yes hands up to the gardening maniac here!

Have you discovered a new hobby? – Pottering about and online shopping!!!!!

Have you been working from home? Well I have and very effectively I hope – Furlough? It means nothing to me!

Please share your thoughts with us so we can put some on our web blog and in our next Mailchimp.  We will not use your name but just provide a small forum for your thoughts.  We look forward to receiving you experiences! 

Please email with a title “Lockdown Thoughts”.

Zoe West…Property Administrator