General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are here!

The introduction and enforcement of new data protection legislation, commonly referred to as GDPR, is here.  The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force on 25th May 2018 and is Europe’s new legal framework for data protection laws.

Broadly, it changes how personal data can be collected and used by organisations.  Individuals will have to decide whether personal data collected by an organisation can be used for specified purposes.  Organisations will no longer be allowed to obtain generalised consent to use an individual’s personal details and may well find themselves being asked for separate consent for alternative personal data processing operations.

At Hazells we are embracing these changes, understanding that everyone’s personal data is exactly that, personal.  We know you expect us to treat it with due respect.  Our privacy policy has been updated and is already available for you to view on our website.  A complete review of our computer systems involving our various IT partners has been undertaken to ensure the best possible security for personal data is in place.  And this review also covers data held in a non-digital format as well.

As an individual you will be permitted to ask for information about the data an organisation holds about you and have this data updated or ultimately ask for this to be eradicated.  It is in everyone’s interest to ensure organisations you deal with are updated by you when your circumstances change e.g addresses, contact details etc. to minimise the incidences of miscommunication.

By working together we are sure these legislative changes (GDPR) will have a positive effect towards eliminating the misuse of personal data by unauthorised parties.

Remember, guard your personal information as if you were locking the front door to your home!